SEO Combats Egocentric Site Syndrome

Recently I have gotten a lot of questions from business owners. They typically ask “What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? And why do I need it when my site is cool enough?”   So I began a very simple process or set of canned responses. … Read MoreRead More

Whats next for Small Business SEO?

Many of us are familiar by now (if you are reading my blogs) on the basics of SEO (content, link structure, etc) and the services that you can leverage to make your site more “search engine friendly”. But the question is, … Read MoreRead More

Google slaps… have they gone to far?

Today Google took another bold step against a well positioned online sales company. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal. “Google Inc. is penalizing Inc. in its search results after the retailer ran afoul of Google policies … Read MoreRead More

Google slipping… changes to SEO coming

With the local news about Google loosing popularity from Hitwise many are thinking about what that means to SEO and SEM activities. Simply put, I wouldn’t expect the SEO and SEM world to change much. … Read More