Shopify Expert

Why is Shopify great for Small Business ECommerce?

Shopify? What is that many newbies to the ecommerce world ask me. The answer… the best thing since sliced bread! Well more accurately the easiest to use, easiest to setup, and easiest to manage ecommerce platform for their small business! … Read More

Great Google Behind the numbers Infographic!

I just found an interesting Infographic from on Google’s 2010 profits, and some quick comparisons! … Read More

Questioning the longevity of the Google Model

Recently Tech-Republic (A great news service for techies) published an article titled “Can Google survive it’s blind faith in the algorithm?” and it raised quite few points which also made me wonder what the longevity of the Google search model truly is. … Read More

Google makes Ikea and Airports Easy

Last Tuesday the search engine giant, Google, released an interesting innovation. They rolled out indoor maps at 18 U.S. airports, several malls; select Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Home Depot and Ikea stores; and a bunch of airports, train stations and malls in Japan. … Read More

The 2012 Tech war continues, who will win?

Recently, on a business trip, I grapped the latest version of FastCompany from the newspaper shop in the Philadelphia airport. The cover had a picture of Google’s Larry Page on the front and the title read “The great tech war … Read MoreRead More