Miley Cyrus drives your Bing search results

As reported by Search Engine Watch Microsoft filed an application for a US Patent on October 13th 2011 which would allow a user of Bing to replicate the results that their favorite persona (say “Miley Cyrus,” “Taylor Swift,” “Megan Fox,” and “Jessica … Read MoreRead More

Google launches Offers, competition with Groupon starts in Philly

Philadelphia is the latest area that has been opened up to Google Offers, a competitor for Groupon and Living Social. The Google Offers platform doesn’t open a new concept, but does open another search giant functionality for those of us … Read MoreRead More

5 Things to consider when picking an SEO company

Being in business we are always forced to justify what we do, and often how much we charge to do it. Now that becomes tricky when you aren’t selling something that can be touched, but rather consulting / knowledge / … Read MoreRead More

Google spends $700 mil, gets travel data

Yesterday October 5th 2011, Google Inc. (GOOG)’s $700 million purchase of travel-information company ITA Software Inc. was cleared by a federal judge after the search-engine company agreed to conditions imposed by the U.S. government. … Read More

5 Reasons you need a website that works

Everyone I work with says “The website is good enough, it works”, “What is the difference if I end up on the first page of Google”, “Why do I really need a website, I still get business other ways”.  My … Read MoreRead More