Upcoming AdWords Change Review of Paused Ads

This evening I received an email from our friends at Google’s AdWords department. Anyone with an AdWords account likely received this email as well. Question I have (and many others likely is why? … Read More

A new search is coming… Hopper Travel

As reported by multiple channels today, a new stealth startup is preparing to take the game of travel to a whole new level. Hopper Travel, started by former Expedia employees, recently raised over $8 million in startup funding to chase their dreams … Read MoreRead More

Don’t freak out… your images are no longer Referrals

Yesterday a client, who hosts a bit of images on his site, approached me about his Google Analytics. The Client noticed that suddenly his number of referrals went down, but at the same time his organic search trends were increasing. He couldn’t understand … Read MoreRead More