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Shopify Powered E-Commerce

Here at CarlowSEO we know that your goal is to generate revenue. You do this either through the services or products you provide at your “Brick and Mortar” store or by selling online, or both.

These are 2 primary ways to leverage eCommerce software.

Hosted vs. DIY

Hosted means that you partner with a third party that manages, updates, stores your information, etc. This is a perfect option for a company looking to do things:

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Basically managed by someone else

DIY means that you are creating (or using a software package) to run your store that is setup and installed on your own web servers.  This is perhaps the best to be used by companies:

  1. With very complex requirements
  2. A lot of money and time to get the store exactly right
  3. The desire to have more integrated back end (finance, order, shipping, etc)

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How CarlowSEO’s Hosted eCommerce works

We only leverage Shopify. Why… simple… it offers everything you need to sell products online, or in your Brick and Mortar store. Yes thats right… Online and POS!

Shopify is simplistic, robust, and can do almost everything you could imagine with their partners, and apps.

Shopify offers an easy to use interface that allows you as a store owner to manage the entire end to end process around your store, as well as for CarlowSEO to deliver exactly the front end design you want. On top of this, Shopify is already highly Search Engine Optimized.