Being on the top, brings the visitors (58.4% of them to be exact)!

Recently Optify performed a study related to the click through rate of the top results on Google. According to this study, 58.4% of all clicks that come through come through on the top three positions. … Read More

Google slipping even more, and Bing/yahoo getting more success!

Almost 2 months ago CarlowSEO blogged about Google Slipping in its market share. Experian at that time was reporting on the loss of market share Google was losing to sites like Bing and Yahoo. On April 11th, Experian reported that … Read MoreRead More

How do you stop patent lawsuits… pay $900 million!

Yesterday Google took a drastic step to reduce the amount of frivolous patent lawsuits by bidding a cool $900 million for the purchase of Nortel’s patent portfolio. This marks the first¬†step that Google, a classically unconventional company, has taken to … Read MoreRead More