With the local news about Google loosing popularity from Hitwise many are thinking about what that means to SEO and SEM activities. Simply put, I wouldn’t expect the SEO and SEM world to change much.

Now you might ask, well why not. The answer, as always is simple… what else can you do? SEO is about the link’s popularity, quality content, cross linking, updated content, blah blah blah. SEM is nothing more than really paying for your position for specific keywords… so what can change?

Yes sure, things might change a bit. A new engine may come along, take a little more market share, but google going away? Not happening any time soon. With things like the Android OS, they’re taking the market of the phone market, driving navigation by starting with Google places, Google will never be out of the list of things SEO, SEM professionals, and business owners have to follow to drive their website traffic.