Everyone is against Google… now so is Facebook!

In an era where compettion¬†is supposed to drive business and innovation, it seems that it really has become the reason for lawyers to remain in business. The most recent example of this is the Facebook vs. Google PR Campaign. … Read More

Small Businesses Plan to increase Online Budgets!

Borrell Associates Inc released it’s annual Outlook yesterday. In this outlook, they laid their vision for 2011 in relationship to small and mid-size businesses online spending. The numbers, frankly, aren’t that shocking! … Read More

Google’s Collateral Damage

For those that have not really followed Google for some time, it is time for the 5 minute rundown of their history, and the “collateral damage” that it causes for those of us in the SEO field. … Read More

Google slaps Overstock.com… have they gone to far?

Today Google took another bold step against a well positioned online sales company. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal. “Google Inc. is penalizing Overstock.com Inc. in its search results after the retailer ran afoul of Google policies … Read MoreRead More

So… what exactly is SEM?

Recently, as I have just started marketing the new CarlowSEO to a small group of business owners, I have been getting the same question over and over… “So what is it that you do?”. The answer is very simple… I … Read MoreRead More

Google slipping… changes to SEO coming

With the local news about Google loosing popularity from Hitwise many are thinking about what that means to SEO and SEM activities. Simply put, I wouldn’t expect the SEO and SEM world to change much. … Read More