For those that have not really followed Google for some time, it is time for the 5 minute rundown of their history, and the “collateral damage” that it causes for those of us in the SEO field.

Recently posted an interesting infographic on exactly this topic. You can see it below, or on

Google's SEO Cat & Mouse.

Infographic by SEO”>”>SEO Book

Some of my favorite points:

  1. In 1998 someone actually said “Our users don’t really care about search.”
  2. Like most technology (whether you know it or not), the pornography industry had an impact on Google
  3. Pages used were “bought and sold like commodities”
  4. Google listen’s to “the people” and makes it even harder to get a good page rank for small businesses

So what’s next? Perhaps we will see the increase in Local search engines. Or perhaps Google will stay on top of the market and find a way to truly make local search work without a lot of hassle around privacy laws.

I think this will be an interesting graphic in the next 3-5 years!

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