When to listen and when to question… a Guide to getting the right info from your SEO expert

Today Search Engine Watch produced an article which relayed a few, straight forward, times of when you should question and when you should listen to some things an SEO expert may say to you. While I agree with some… I … Read MoreRead More

Google launches 3 new concepts to search results screen

Yesterday, January 10 2012, Google formally announced 3 new features to their search engine results page (SERP). These features show the increasing integration of the Google+ platform into every day search, and what I would call Silent evolution of the … Read MoreRead More

How Microsoft could gain some ground on Google… leverage Gamers

Being a member of Generation X, there has been a video game console attached to my TV since I was about 6 years old. For this reason it just recently dawned on me that there is still a huge market … Read MoreRead More

Great Google Behind the numbers Infographic!

I just found an interesting Infographic from BusinessMBA.org on Google’s 2010 profits, and some quick comparisons! … Read More

Google makes Ikea and Airports Easy

Last Tuesday the search engine giant, Google, released an interesting innovation. They rolled out indoor maps at 18 U.S. airports, several malls; select Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Home Depot and Ikea stores; and a bunch of airports, train stations and malls in Japan. … Read More

Miley Cyrus drives your Bing search results

As reported by Search Engine Watch Microsoft filed an application for a US Patent on October 13th 2011 which would allow a user of Bing to replicate the results that their favorite persona (say “Miley Cyrus,” “Taylor Swift,” “Megan Fox,” and “Jessica … Read MoreRead More

Google launches Offers, competition with Groupon starts in Philly

Philadelphia is the latest area that has been opened up to Google Offers, a competitor for Groupon and Living Social. The Google Offers platform doesn’t open a new concept, but does open another search giant functionality for those of us … Read MoreRead More

Google spends $700 mil, gets travel data

Yesterday October 5th 2011, Google Inc. (GOOG)’s $700 million purchase of travel-information company ITA Software Inc. was cleared by a federal judge after the search-engine company agreed to conditions imposed by the U.S. government. … Read More

Google Celebrates it’s 13th birthday!

Yesterday September 28th was Google’s 13th birthday. Yesterday’s doodle hinted at a little more than previous years. … Read More

Quick, Turn on the US Senate Hearing! Google is talking!

Now anyone actually thinking that I would be recommending someone to watch our wonderful US Democracy in action without some sort of understory obviously doesn’t me. However, today’s senate hearing (they are streaming it at 2pm EST) is set to … Read MoreRead More