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How Microsoft could gain some ground on Google… leverage Gamers

Being a member of Generation X, there has been a video game console attached to my TV since I was about 6 years old. For this reason it just recently dawned on me that there is still a huge market for search to exploit… Gamers.

To me (and others) it would make sense. The XBox 360 gaming platform is one of the most successful endeavours Microsoft has succeeded with, and this could be a great spot to start taking over Google’s market share. Here are some reasons:

  1. The Kinect platform allows for voice control now
  2. You could imagine searching your local games, videos, perhaps even Netflix
  3. Kids start gaming, then get mobile devices, and computers

Think of it as the “no child left behind” method for Bing to take over Google! Perhaps this is a little “evil” (something Google claims it will never be) but lets be honest, using new devices and channels to raise revenue is just good business.