Today Search Engine Watch produced an article which relayed a few, straight forward, times of when you should question and when you should listen to some things an SEO expert may say to you. While I agree with some… I certainly can’t fully agree with others!

“LISTEN When They Say You Need More Link Worthy Content” – AGREE!!!

SEW is right when they state “Quality content doesn’t have to be something as fancy as infographics or videos (although those are the best). It can be as simple as informative blog posts.” You need to give people what they are looking for (more importantly written how they speak) for people to naturally begin to link to, and share links to your site. Only other option is to pay people for them.

QUESTION When They Say You Can Get Links by Using Auto-Generated Content – AGREE!!!

People that use auto-generated content are simply lazy. I tell all of my clients, that writing a blog a week is easy. It is generally no longer than a decent, very informative email, and likely something you can spit out in less than 5 minutes (10 if you are on a touchy subject). Cover topics you know, and do it… don’t pay for it.

LISTEN When They Say You Need Help With Your On-Site Optimization – AGREE!!!

Paying for links aside, if you don’t have content that is consistent, and related to the topic you want to rank for… forget it. Additionally why would you want to be doing it anyway unless you are trying to scam people. This plays in also with the autocontent, but don’t be lazy, and listen when they tell you to re-write the content, re-organize it, and follow some standard rules about how much, navigation, etc.

QUESTION When They Say They Can Guarantee You Results Within a Specific Timeframe. – Partially Agree

There are a lot of things that go into placement, and most SEO providers will do everything in their power to work with a customer. However a guarantee is impossible. Look Google does things like the “Google Plus” release on an seemingly untrackable basis. Things happen. However what a good SEO will also do is promise to work with you. Tell you it takes times, that somethings are out of their control, and generally accomplish what they promise, or explain why they aren’t. If they can’t do that… run!

LISTEN When They Say They Can’t Guarantee You Results – Partially Agree

Read the point above, but more importantly if thy can’t guarantee increased rankings there is a problem. Not promising the first spot is ok…

QUESTION When They Say They Will Build Links Via Blog Commenting & Forum Posting – Partially Agree

I understand where SEW was going with this one, but to be honest the point here is that if this is the only thing they are promoting there is a bigger issue. You can’t put all of your eggs in one basket, and a good SEO will always promote in multiple correction areas to increase your ranking.

LISTEN When They Say You Need to Set Up Google Analytics – Agree!!!

Any time they tell you that something has to happen to the technology, or design on the site listen! They aren’t telling you because they necessarily dislike your theme or whatever, but because it will help your ranking!