Upcoming AdWords Change Review of Paused Ads

This evening I received an email from our friends at Google’s AdWords department. Anyone with an AdWords account likely received this email as well. Question I have (and many others likely is why? … Read More

A new search is coming… Hopper Travel

As reported by multiple channels today, a new stealth startup is preparing to take the game of travel to a whole new level. Hopper Travel, started by former Expedia employees, recently raised over $8 million in startup funding to chase their dreams … Read MoreRead More

Google+ on the fast track to take over Facebook

With the launch of Google+ less than 1 month ago, today marks a historic moment. They have reached the 20 million user mark. Now the question is what happens from here. Well, based on my math (which isn’t always the best), … Read MoreRead More

Google forces taxonomy via Products

Well as anyone that follows this blog knows, the concept of a single taxonomy for the web has been a topic of discussion for some time. Bing, Google, and others have joined up in the Schema.org project as we reported … Read MoreRead More

Google +, – Realtime, all a plan?

So many of you have noticed the new “Google Black”, or the re-branding of the Google SERP (search engine results page) but most never thought much of it. All of the search geeks however wondered why they would mess with something … Read MoreRead More

The Evolution of the Credit Card… now on your Phone?

Well leave it to one of the most revolutionary companies to new delve into the world of credit cards. Google has now launched a new campaign called “Google Wallet“. The concept is that you manage all of your credit card … Read MoreRead More

Everyone is against Google… now so is Facebook!

In an era where compettion is supposed to drive business and innovation, it seems that it really has become the reason for lawyers to remain in business. The most recent example of this is the Facebook vs. Google PR Campaign. … Read More

US moving towards EU standards… Do Not Track Legislation moving forward

According to MarketWatch, Legislation was proposed in California that would mandate a means for web users to easily prevent websites from gathering their personal information is moving forward, despite intensive lobbying and opposition from some of the state’s largest Internet … Read MoreRead More

Google slipping even more, and Bing/yahoo getting more success!

Almost 2 months ago CarlowSEO blogged about Google Slipping in its market share. Experian at that time was reporting on the loss of market share Google was losing to sites like Bing and Yahoo. On April 11th, Experian reported that … Read MoreRead More

How do you stop patent lawsuits… pay $900 million!

Yesterday Google took a drastic step to reduce the amount of frivolous patent lawsuits by bidding a cool $900 million for the purchase of Nortel’s patent portfolio. This marks the first step that Google, a classically unconventional company, has taken to … Read MoreRead More