4 simple ways to protect your business when working with a Third Party SEO or Web Development Company

We have been working with a lot of customers that already have a website, already are paying someone to help them manage it, but either aren’t happy, or are interested in saving some money on hosting, SEO, SEM, or whatever. When … Read MoreRead More

Don’t freak out… your images are no longer Referrals

Yesterday a client, who hosts a bit of images on his site, approached me about his Google Analytics. The Client noticed that suddenly his number of referrals went down, but at the same time his organic search trends were increasing. He couldn’t understand … Read MoreRead More

SEO Combats Egocentric Site Syndrome

Recently I have gotten a lot of questions from business owners. They typically ask “What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? And why do I need it when my site is cool enough?”   So I began a very simple process or set of canned responses. … Read MoreRead More

Google+ on the fast track to take over Facebook

With the launch of Google+ less than 1 month ago, today marks a historic moment. They have reached the 20 million user mark. Now the question is what happens from here. Well, based on my math (which isn’t always the best), … Read MoreRead More

Google +, – Realtime, all a plan?

So many of you have noticed the new “Google Black”, or the re-branding of the Google SERP (search engine results page) but most never thought much of it. All of the search geeks however wondered why they would mess with something … Read MoreRead More

Being on the top, brings the visitors (58.4% of them to be exact)!

Recently Optify performed a study related to the click through rate of the top results on Google. According to this study, 58.4% of all clicks that come through come through on the top three positions. … Read More

Google’s Collateral Damage

For those that have not really followed Google for some time, it is time for the 5 minute rundown of their history, and the “collateral damage” that it causes for those of us in the SEO field. … Read More

Website Design vs SEO… which comes first?

In the recent past I have gotten into a few debates on the topic of which aspect of a website should proceed the other. Many believe that if you don’t design the site well, users won’t use it at all. … Read MoreRead More

The 5 simple facts about how to make your site #1 on Google

Alot people ask “How do I make my website #1 on Google?” There are 5 simple facts that will help. These facts, if implemented on your site will take your site to the top (if not to the first position. … Read More

The SEO benefits of Cross Posting your blog

I have been helping quite a few small business owners int he Pottstown PA are recently, and most (not suprisingly) believe that creating a Blog section of their website “Takes too  much time”. Well that might have been true in … Read MoreRead More