Google+ on the fast track to take over Facebook

With the launch of Google+ less than 1 month ago, today marks a historic moment. They have reached the 20 million user mark. Now the question is what happens from here. Well, based on my math (which isn’t always the best), this shows two interesting trends. The first the overall adoption of social platforms as a must have thing, as well as the fact that the beat the 3 years it took Facebook to reach the same number.Read More »Google+ on the fast track to take over Facebook

Google +, – Realtime, all a plan?

So many of you have noticed the new “Google Black”, or the re-branding of the Google SERP (search engine results page) but most never thought much of it. All of the search geeks however wondered why they would mess with something that everyone in the world wanted to imitate. The simple answer is that Google is again preparing to battle Facebook with a new service called Google +.Read More »Google +, – Realtime, all a plan?

The SEO benefits of Cross Posting your blog

I have been helping quite a few small business owners int he Pottstown PA are recently, and most (not suprisingly) believe that creating a Blog section of their website “Takes too  much time”. Well that might have been true in the past when after creating a blog, you have to go to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc and repost the url and the caption to really drive traffic into your site (hence getting the extra cred needed to effect your SEO via Social Meida). However, now it is possible to integrate some auto cross posting tools into your Word Press site.Read More »The SEO benefits of Cross Posting your blog