I have been helping quite a few small business owners int he Pottstown PA are recently, and most (not suprisingly) believe that creating a Blog section of their website “Takes too  much time”. Well that might have been true in the past when after creating a blog, you have to go to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc and repost the url and the caption to really drive traffic into your site (hence getting the extra cred needed to effect your SEO via Social Meida). However, now it is possible to integrate some auto cross posting tools into your Word Press site.

Recently, this was accomplished for the CarlowSEO blog. I was suppriesed (as I admitingly am a little new to WordPress administration) how easy this was to accomplish. Currently I am leveraging 2 seperate plugins that took all of 10 minutes combined to integrate.

WP to Twitter was as easy as downloading from the Plugins area of WordPress, following their in-screen directions for integration to Twitter account, and clicking save! You can check out how this looks at our Twitter feed.

The second plugin, Add Link to Facebook, was just as easy as WP to Twitter to setup!

Now with both of the main social platforms connected, creating a blog post and cross posting it takes no time at all.

This method is definately a great SEO method to leverage as a small business. It increases numerous influencers like:

  1. Site useage – now more people are likely to go to your site
  2. Social references – it is showing up in the now publicly recognized influencer of the social media sites
  3. Internal linking – if you link to other pages on your site you are increasing this
  4. External linking – if someone re-posts your blog, re-tweets, etc this is increased

So the rule of thumb… create a blog section. Post often (about once a day is good). Make sure your blogs are being advertised, for free, on Twitter and Facebook!