Recently Tech-Republic (A great news service for techies) published an article titled “Can Google survive it’s blind faith in the algorithm?” and it raised quite few points which also made me wonder what the longevity of the Google search model truly is.

The simple answer from my side… don’t worry about Google. It isn’t going anywhere! In fact Google will continue to bet on it’s algorithm (and the minion of PhD’s that help maintain it) for ever. They have a corner on the market and purposely don’t focus on other money making ideas that they actually could profit much more off of.

There was another recent article published by the Search Engine Journal in which 5 clear facts of SEO (that I completely agree with) were listed:

  1. Content is King
  2. Natural back-links always win
  3. Personalized search will be a reality
  4. Optimization for multiple platforms is key
  5. Social activity will increase in importance

In my mind (and what I recommend to all of my customers) these are the first steps you also take to start Search engine optimization.

  1. Review your content (and tools like Google Webmaster) to see what is considered “important”
  2. Start a back-link campaign, and regular marketing to get the website back-links
  3. Think about your audience. People that want to find you, need to. Know how they speak, and focus on that
  4. Ensure that things are optimized (at least running with a tool that is optimized) for mobile environments, and worry about Yahoo, and Bing at the same time
  5. Ensure you are linked (usually automatically cross posting) to Twitter and Facebook (perhaps Tumblr) for each update, and enable the social tagging on your site.

So… yeah google isn’t going anywhere. They are going to continue to tweak their algorithm blindly for the foreseeable future!