In 200 7 Google announced that they were implementing their Video facet. With this announcement, and the future merge of YouTube with Google the ability for people to share, upload, and create video content went through the roof.

Now most small business owners find that creating interesting, informative, and attractive videos are easy, and very impactful to the people they focus. This is 100% true, however many don’t even know what they are missing.Google, with its announcement in 2007, also created a method for webmasters to create and submit video sitemaps about their site. This is very well documented in their help section. Yet many webmaster’s don’t.

Now there are a lot of questions like “What if I host my companies videos on YouTube?” or “What is the benefit?”… well in my opinion is that the best bang for the small business is to 100% host your video’s on YouTube, but then to embed them in your site. If you embed a video correctly there is a specific URL for the content (like to problem 1. And here you might have an embedded video on YouTube. You should certainly create your video sitemap to point this page as a video, with a good title, good description etc.

Now the double your money move. Not only are you not paying for the hosting, but you can exploit the social value of your video on YouTube. Create a Channel get subscriptions, create a brand, always ensure that you logo is on every frame of the video, create links to your site (perhaps to written articles), and then leverage all of the other Social media tools to promote going to the video!

I think this is an easy, quick win for any small business in the service, medical, or contractors in the Pottstown Area!

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