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Generating More Sales on Shopify Stores

So many times we hear “I have lots of traffic but no sales”. This is most likely true, but the reasons may shock you a bit! Shopify eCommerce stores, with properly setup Google Analytics, and Google Search consoles can really tell you a lot about your traffic and sales.

So lets just jump into how CarlowSEO (specifically Trevor Carlow) addresses such a challenge.

Make sure you are reporting what you should be!

If you don’t have google analytics, your Facebook tracking pixel, and Google Search Console setup, you aren’t even looking at accurate meaningful data. These tools will help anyone see what is and isn’t working for them.

Know what you are talking about

According to SmartInsights in 2017 the average conversion rate for an ecommerce site is between 1% and 3% (depending on device)


SmartInsights 2017 eCommerce Conversion Rates


That’s right… only 1%-3% of all traffic will buy something from you! What this means is that you MAY be selling just as much as you should be for the traffic you have. So, back to point number one, look at your data. In Google Analytics this data is actually very easy to see under Acquisition > Channels > All Traffic. If you have it setup correctly you should see your conversion rate percentage per incoming traffic source

What if I am under the 1% threshold?

Here comes the fun part… why aren’t you selling? There are numerous reasons for this.

  1. Product Price is too high compared to others selling the same thing (see the article)
  2. The site doesn’t make a user feel comfortable buying from you
  3. The traffic actually isn’t good traffic (usually associated by poor ad creation)
  4. No one really wants the product at all

So there is some work to do.

Over the next few days we will talk about each of the 4 points above in more detail. STAY TUNED!