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An interesting Social Media Infographic!

A great social media infographic from Makes you wonder the real future of search, and if you are talking SEO with me now you get why I tell you “You have to use Social Media, and build your network … Read MoreRead More

3 Things Small Business Owners Need to Remember

I work with a lot of small business. That being said the majority of business owners I deal with are fairly new to the game of having a website, and have not a clue as to where to start. Most … Read MoreRead More

If you aren’t using Internet Ads, you are missing the boat!

There is a struggle when dealing with most small business, specifically in Pottstown PA. Many owners still believe that print ads (in newspapers, diner placemats, and billboards) are the best place to spend their advertising budget. Well the statistics are … Read MoreRead More

5 Reasons you need a website that works

Everyone I work with says “The website is good enough, it works”, “What is the difference if I end up on the first page of Google”, “Why do I really need a website, I still get business other ways”.  My … Read MoreRead More