Google Celebrates it’s 13th birthday!

Yesterday September 28th was Google’s 13th birthday. Yesterday’s doodle hinted at a little more than previous years. … Read More

Don’t freak out… your images are no longer Referrals

Yesterday a client, who hosts a bit of images on his site, approached me about his Google Analytics. The Client noticed that suddenly his number of referrals went down, but at the same time his organic search trends were increasing. He couldn’t understand … Read MoreRead More

Google+ on the fast track to take over Facebook

With the launch of Google+ less than 1 month ago, today marks a historic moment. They have reached the 20 million user mark. Now the question is what happens from here. Well, based on my math (which isn’t always the best), … Read MoreRead More

Being on the top, brings the visitors (58.4% of them to be exact)!

Recently Optify performed a study related to the click through rate of the top results on Google. According to this study, 58.4% of all clicks that come through come through on the top three positions. … Read More

The 5 simple facts about how to make your site #1 on Google

Alot people ask “How do I make my website #1 on Google?” There are 5 simple facts that will help. These facts, if implemented on your site will take your site to the top (if not to the first position. … Read More